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Dog Adoption or Foster for Rescue Dogs like Beagle Puppies and Mixed Breeds

Dog Adoption or Foster for Rescue Dogs like Beagle Puppies and Mixed Breeds

Dog Adoption or Foster for Rescue Dogs like Beagle Puppies and Mixed BreedsDog Adoption or Foster for Rescue Dogs like Beagle Puppies and Mixed Breeds

Tablescapes 2016



Featuring Live Rock Music Plus 2 Distinguished Youth Receive Awards For Volunteering Excellence

Westwood, NJ Enjoy live rock music and learn how to design gorgeous high-end table settings for less at this unique benefit fundraiser for the animals of Peace4Paws on Friday, November 11, 2016 at Thomaston Feed - 688 Westwood Avenue, River Vale, NJ (www.thomastonfeednj.com)

7 pm Live acoustical entertainment begins with Jay Nitzan, accompanied in singing and on guitar by Dennis Adams and Jennifer Cece on piano.

8pm Our workshop “Tablescapes with Peter Rabcevics” will begin. 

9pm Teen volunteers Julia Wechsler and Kristina Gelber will receive their Distinguished Student Service Award For Volunteering Excellence.

Designer Peter Rabcevics will show many ways on to create elegant and festive yet budget friendly tablescapes for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah. He will discuss color, texture, form, and function in table design for beginners through advance designers. He will also offer many tips on how to become a savvy yet resourceful host or hostess of any event! 

After the Tablescapes presentation, Peace4paws will honor two students, Julia Wechsler and Kristina Gelber, for their service to the animals.

Julia Wechsler, 14, of River Edge, NJ, “I helped at events, walked an extremely active foster dog, a beagle named Bogo, every week, hung up signs around town to support Peace4Paws, and I helped train Bogo by taking him to a training class.”  Julia said. She also stated “I did research and I found Peace4Paws. Their volunteering hours also seemed the most flexible, so it was perfect.” And perfect it was, because she completed her required 50 hours for her Girl Scouts Silver Award and loved volunteering so much that she says she will continue to volunteer for Peace4Paws.

Julia’s mother, Annie Wechsler, supported her daughter throughout the entire experience. “I stood back and watched Julia help and never complain not even one time about her work with Peace4Paws,” said Annie. “She developed a love for the beagle Bogo, and felt badly for him because it took so long for him to get adopted . . . (She) would never hesitate to walk him even in pouring rain, frigid temperatures, even snow and icy conditions.”  And the now happily adopted Bogo was grateful for every opportunity with Julia and with other volunteers that took him on the extra hikes that he needed.

14 year old Kristina Gelber of Oradell has been volunteering with Peace4Paws for the past three years through her artwork, her website design assistance, attending events and distributing fliers.  Kristina says about volunteering, “so many animals in shelters, and many research animals in sanctuaries, we want them to have a real homes.”  These animals just want to love and be loved, and volunteers who work well with animals and people can help make that happen. 

Kristina’s mom, Regina Gelber sums up the volunteering experience well.  The volunteering requires a lot of interaction with people, talking to strangers about Peace4Paws and our mission, and or selling products to raise funds.   I think that it helps not only animals but also young adults like Kristina to engage the community and learn how to achieve the goals that they are passionate about when resources are limited.”    

For those who wish to be a part of a group of animal lovers, please visit www.peace4paws.org to sign up to volunteer.  Or come out November 11, 7pm at Thomaston Feed, River Vale to meet us in person and enjoy live rock music and the very enlightening Tablescapes event. 

This event will be held at Thomaston Feed, 68 Westwood Avenue in River Vale, NJ. It is open to all ages. $20 for adults and $10 for students. To purchase tickets please visit our website or call Peter at 201-637-3402 

If you or your child might like to volunteer with animals, please fill out an application at www.peace4paws.org.