Mission Statement


Our Mission

Direct Care and Maintenance of Animals:  Through our foster - adoption program we provide food, medical, transport, toys and love to animals in need.  Our animals are retired research animals, shelter dogs or owner surrendered dogs. Initially we focused exclusively on research animals.  When the labs are not releasing to us these beautiful animals, we work diligently to help those kill shelter and owner surrender dogs. The scope of our reach is dependent on available foster homes, as all our dogs are in foster homes.

Peace4Paws was founded in 2007. We were inspired by the Yogic "ahimsa" which means non-violence to all living things. We wish safety and peace to all living creatures. 

Student Outreach

We offer kindergarten students all the way through senior citizens looking to be of service, the opportunity to learn about, care for and help the cause of animals. Volunteers must apply through an application

Sanctuary Fund

We fundraise for sanctuaries which provide the rehabilitation, homes or finding new homes for animals retired from work in research and related fields.

We fundraise by accepting donations through our website www.peace4paws.org and by organizing various events such as yoga, music, animal, health, sport, or art in order to raise the much needed funds for our programs.