We would like to tell you about Liberty the blood donor cat who saved the lives of more than 250 companion cats.  

Liberty was fostered by the Hudson Valley Humane Society. On October 2nd, this dedicated rescue group attended Pawsfest 2011 with the hopes of finding a forever home for this pretty, sweet Liberty pictured above. At our event, Liberty did meet plenty of new people, all of whom found her sweet and charming, but none that were inspired to the point of actually taking Liberty home with them. Liberty has helped so many other companion cats, who already have loving homes extend their lives. When would she get her chance at a happy home?

In 2011 Liberty was 5½ -years-old. She was a domestic shorthair who served others at a local Rockland County veterinarian until retired and livied at the Hudson Valley Humane Society (HVHS). She was in search of her forever home. Although, like other animals of research and related fields, she did not volunteer for this job.  She was put in this job to serve others. 

Liberty gave service without complaint and more than 250 cats have her to thank for a new lease of life. Already the HVHS has found homes for a half dozen of these brave and self-less felines. After quite a few months, Liberty was able to unite with her that forever famly .  She is home at last!!! 

 Blood-donor cats play a critical function in veterinary medicine by giving blood in emergency medical cases. Liberty and all of her blood donor brethrens had received the utmost medical attention, are FIV/AIDS/Leukemia negative, spayed or neutered; and are up to date on shots and dentistry.  Could you love such a special cat?

To adopt a retired blood donor cat like Liberty please Contact:

Anne Marie Gaudio

Hudson Valley Humane Society

200 Quaker Road

Pomona NY 10970

Phone: 845 354 3124

Thank you!