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Your support and contributions will enable us to match these innocent loving dogs with wonderful homes. You will be able to help shelter dogs, owner surrender dogs and retired research animals go home. 

You will also be able to support sanctuary for research animals.  

Help Bubba ::: A Special Reason To Donate!


Donations needed for Bubba because he was shot!

Do you recognize this sweet, adorable face from that recent plea for eight puppy fosters? That post was on Friday (June 21, 2019, scroll down the facebook page to see that original post) when we announced that fosters were urgently needed to save the eight 5 month old, now approximately20 pound, beagle mix siblings who were dumped by their owner in a kill shelter and slated to be euthanized today “for space” if not rescued. Ironically, the kill shelter wasn’t able to or couldn’t make room to “shelter” him or his litter. Luckily kind Peace4Paws FB followers responded to their plea and volunteered their fostering services and love. Thanks to true compassion, we were able to ‘save them” from the gas chamber, but now the real saving goes into effect - getting the eight pups thoroughly vetted and adopted! So, when gentle Bubba was examined it became clear that he had a suspiciously swollen looking face. So, first thing this Monday morning the vet x-rayed, pulled bone fragments out of his lip, and found shrapnel (pictured) !! Yes the x-ray shows metal fragments in this hole that is in the center of the swollen part of his face (bright white spots at the bottom of the x-ray picture). According to the vet, Bubba was either hit with a metal object or more likely shot (probably by a buckshot). So horrible!!! Who knows how long he may have suffered in pain ignored by his abandoning owner. Any donation big or small will help in covering the medical care for Bubba. If you notice in all the photos, he is in the front. He is the biggest in the litter. He may have been trying to protect the smaller, more timid siblings. He is a really good boy. Please help with your generosity by visiting our donate page or donate on Facebook by clicking on the button.​ 

There are other reasons to donate as well. 

Please note that we do extensively vet all our puppies and dogs.  So, Bubba's siblings all had the protocol intensive vetting which includes spay or neuter. 

When the pups arrived in NJ on Sunday, July 14, Enus was very lethargic.  So, we immediately sent him and his brother Jethro ( just in case)  to the highly acclaimed Oradell Animal Hospital.  Enus was given subcutaneous fluids.  Emergency care is also very expensive, and that visit was a few hundred dollars.

Also, while five sibings went to foster, Bubba, Daisy and Flo went to boarding at the Pet Lodge, RiverVale, NJ.  The people there are extremely loving and conscientious, but the room and board is not free.  It costs us close to $100 a day to board all three, so your donations will really be needed for that home away from their permanent homes.  The good news is that Bubba is doing GREAT now!!!  He is full of spunk and love.  You wouldn't even know he had the surgery.  

So your donations go to a very good cause.  Please donate to help them get the care they need until they are in their forever homes!! Thank you so much. 


Jennifer Cece

President, Peace4Paws

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