Dog Adoption or Foster for Rescue Dogs like Beagle Puppies and Mixed Breeds

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A different world was never made by indifferent people. 

Your support and contributions will enable us to match these innocent loving dogs with wonderful homes. You will be able to help shelter dogs, owner surrender dogs and retired research animals go home. 

You will also be able to support sanctuary for research animals.  


Donations needed for ANNie!

This is Annie enjoying herself at her  foster home, first 3 photos, last photo is from wen she was in KY.

When Annie arrived at her foster home in NJ, it was noted  she was only using  3 of her legs  She went to the vet where we were told that sweet, lovable, little Annie has an old injury.  The head of the  femur bone on her left rear leg has been knocked out of the hip socket..  She will need FHO (Femoral Head Ostectomy) surgery to correct the problem, ease her pain, and give her back the use of that leg.  This surgery is expensive, usually about $5000.  Then she will need physical therapy.  Please help Annie by donating toward her surgery.


Donations needed for Pepe!

Donations needed for Pepe!

Pepe, now a Peace4Paws dog, was on a chain all her life in the back yard. Her owner passed away 2 weeks ago and the family members could not take her in. She is a very sweet 3 year old beagle. She was passing blood so x-rays were taken where a large bladder stone was found. Surgery was performed at the Somerset Animal Hospital and the large stone was removed. Pepe is now doing well but requires a special type of food. Her total bill was $615. Donations already received amounted to $315. Donations of $300 are still needed to fully pay off her bill.

In addition, in 3 weeks, Pepe will need a medical patellar luxation ( injury to the kneecap ). She is on pain meds now till surgery. Somerset Animal Hospital will also be performing the surgery. Donations are needed of $600 to cover the cost of that surgery.

For information please call Ellie Grant of Somerset Animal Hospital (606) 679-1266. To donate directly please donate via PayPal using You can also donate through Peace4Paws using our link below. 

Thank you!

Another great way to support Peace4Paws!


amazon smile

1. Visit through on your computer or mobile device.

2. Log in with your Amazon account or sign up 

3. Choose Peace4Paws Inc. as your charity to support.

If you already have a charity you use and want to change it to Peace4Paws simply select “Your Account” at the bottom of the homepage then under "Other Programs" click on “Change your Amazon Smile Charity” and search for Peace4Paws Inc

Another way to support Peace4Paws!



To pay by Zelle, please use your Zelle app or download the Zelle app and pay to  This is a great option because there are no fees. 

peace4paws is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) public charity.

Donations are tax deductible. EIN: 45-261678, State Charity: CH3446800