Happy Beagles


The trend is growing exponentially whereby laboratories, universities, veterinary hospitals and more are releasing animals that worked as blood donors or in other areas of service to foster-adoption groups like peace4paws.  Some happy beagles want to thank those labs, universities, veterinary hospitals and more for their efforts to connect them with their "furr-ever" homes. 

Everyone loves Jed!  Jed is your typical sweet, playful, energetic, child friendly, cuddly beagle. Jed came into foster with peace4paws this September 2013 in collaboration with the Kindness Ranch who has many good relationships with labs all over the United States. Cathy Schmidt and Michael Roemer were the first to meet him and his buddy Barney because they went all the way to Wyoming to see meet him.  Then he was fostered by vet tech Lucia and adopted by the Schlossers where he lives happily with two other beagles in Connecticut. He will be attending our events, so when, you come to the next Pawsfest -- Jed's tail will be wagging and he will be so happy to meet you! 
Puddy is the beloved son of Cathy and Michael Roemer. Remember them? They were the dynamic duo who drove all the way from NJ and back to the Kindness Ranch to pick up foster boys Jed and Barney this September 2013.
Well, they love their beagles!  Their boy Puddy used to work in a lab, and was an extra sweet boy there also.  Now that he is united with his "furr-ever" family, he has new routines.  The back door is always open for him to run outside and sniff all over his big one acre backyard.  He is super close with his three beagle brothers.  Two brothers came from a shelter and one, Barney,retired from lab service.  They vie for treats. He eats well, but is always eager for more treats and toys too. All in all he has about 120 toys.  and he goes nuts when he sees a new toy.  Typically they share the toys. Ans sometimes the four of them are a little pack, like when the doorbell rings............ Arooooooo !

"We love him and he loves us so much. When we come home, he can’t contain his joy", Cathy says.  She adds, “After he jumps on me, he will actually take one of my shoes that I just removed and just shake it and take it to his crate and lay on it to show his love.  He is affectionate to us, and to everyone he meets. We definitely want to see more lab animals have the opportunity for foster and adoption."​